Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Now I'm back in Germany. The return trip began, as always, 
at night in a taxi to Chennai.

Passing by familiar scenes.

And it also means, to say farewell to the Indian moon, also known as shashi, the one with a hare, and you can see it very clearly:

But perhaps it is easier to see in a smaller picture:

Then I try, in vain, to catch the moon, atleast one more time:

I don't quite succeed, but then I'm already sitting in the plane.
The moon shows up one more time for a short farewell,
then bounces off the pane. As a reflected appearance it melts into the moonless night of a modern city.

Landing at Dubai was unspectacular:

Dubai looks like a huge sopping mall with an integrated airport - rather than vice versa. I'm glad that time passed relatively quickly. Dubai-Frankfurt, there was no other way this time. Thus I had to take the train form Frankfurt to Berlin.

 In the train many impressions pssed by my inner eye. 
I saw all the many faces (first slide show
and also all the animals (second slide show
one lives together with so naturally here.

And at the end a short video with monkeys:

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