Monday, January 3, 2011

003 Ramana Maharshi's Birthday celebration

 Ramana Maharshi - ரமண மஹரிஷ

Ramana's solar birthday, i.e. when the sun is in the same position as during his birth, is the 30th December 1879. Here, however, his lunar birthday is celebrated, i.e. when the moon is in the position of his birth, and that date changes of course. This year, 2010, it was the 23rd of December. 

You find the story of his life here. Und auf Deutsch here. 

Here is a slide show of the celebration:

A video will be uploaded soon. 

In the light of Rmana Maharshi's teaching we can now continue with contemplating the question of a spiritual search, especially the question: who is searching? Ramana Maharshi recommended self inquiry, asking the question "who am I". This however is not meant as an intellectual exercise. Its not a question to think about and then one day the answer will shine forth as "I am ..." - what or who indeed? How do you find out whether the water of a mirage is hot or cold? And what if you were like this water? If the "I" was just a thought? Then we want to know "whose thought"? But can I, the subject, ever be the object, something known?
to be continued  

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